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Comments on Reforming Higher EducationACADEMIC FREEDOM FOR A FREE SOCIETY 2009-09-06T00:14:10Z https://laaaup.org/blog/?feed=atom&p=13 WordPress By: aburstein aburstein https://laaaup.org/blog/?p=13#comment-5 2009-09-06T00:14:10Z 2009-09-06T00:14:10Z Dominique, An interesting point. Cost figures are pretty straighforward. Salary figures. Do you have some thoughts about a metric for administrative “benefit?” Faculty “benefit” can be measured in terms of credit hour production, I suppose, but that strikes me as a pretty crude measure. I would say the same about grants applied for or obtained, etc. All in all, I think the most compelling point might be documenting the increase in total faculty costs vs. administrative costs as a function of headcount. What do you think? AGB

]]> By: zodhomb zodhomb http://www.biology.lsu.edu/faculty_listings/fac_pages/dhomberger.html https://laaaup.org/blog/?p=13#comment-4 2009-09-03T19:58:41Z 2009-09-03T19:58:41Z We need to enlighten the public about administrative bloat.

We need to gather information about the cost/benefit ratio of administration versus the faculty and the staff supporting faculty tasks.

Only then can we as faculty move away from a defensive position and move the discussion to where it needs to go.

I realize that information gathering and analysis takes money — can some of the membership dues be used for this task?