Louisiana Chapter                                                                                 April 17, 2010

American Association of University Professors


Dear Friends,


Thank you for your continued interest in my case and for your continued support.  There has been no change in my situation with the University of New Orleans this year, and no further communication. My status, according to official documents requested through my lawyer, is listed as on “Leave of Absence” although according to UNO’s faculty handbook, a leave of absence is requested by the employee and granted by the employer. I made no such request.  


As you may recall, I was rendered inactive at UNO in the Fall of 2006 with UNO’s declaration of Financial Exigency. Two appeals were initiated, in the Summer of 2006 and Summer 2007, both hearings took place before The Chair of the Department, Dean of Liberal Arts, the Provost and two members of the Policy Committee. In both cases, the committee declined to reinstate me and I was instructed to appeal directly to the President of the Louisiana State University System. I have had no response from President Lombardi since I asked for an appeal in the Fall of 2007.  Two years ago the LA AAUP drafted a letter regarding Dr. Denise Strong and myself as the last two rights appeals pending with UNO. As a result, Dr. Strong was repositioned January 2009. I have heard nothing from UNO regarding repositioning me in any capacity.


I am writing to update the Chapter regarding my status, and to request that the AAUP continue to support my case. Thank you again.







Wendy J. Hajjar

2357 Magazine Street

New Orleans, LA   70130