From: JOE MIRANDO [[email protected]]
Sent: Saturday, April 20, 2013 4:30 PM
To: Burstein, Alvin G
Subject: state conference meeting report

State Conference Meets April 20 at Alexandria


ALEXANDRIA – A check for $6,700 was presented to the three former Southeastern French professors at the AAUP state conference’s meeting April 20 here on the LSU-Alexandria campus.


The state conference meeting was held in  conjunction with the quarterly meeting of the Asociation of Louisiana Faculty Senates and the Louisiana Statewide Colleagues Collaborative. About 40 professors from 15 colleges state-wide were in attendance at the joint meeting. At the AAUP portion meeting of the year were 10 members from seven schools.


At the meeting Dayne Sherman of Southeastern Louisiana was appointed public relations chair for the state conference. He gave plans he has for expanding AAUP’s publicity.


Sandra Loucks proposed that AAUP compile a report card on the performance of state legislators. Members expressed approval, and Sherman said he would study it for publicity.


Steven Rushing of Southeastern Louisiana reviewed the status of his legal suit against the University of Louisiana System. The case has more than a 10-year history and now involves questions over the question of whether due process has been denied.


Members also heard a report on faculty terminations and program termination at Centenary College, the site of AAUP’s newest chapter in the state.


Linda Carroll of Tulane reviewed a proposal now being considered on the national level set up to revise national policy on financial exigency.

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